Data that comes with a how-to guide.

Actionable insights don’t equate to more numbers, and charts. Worximity goes beyond real-time monitoring, transforming your factory floor information into tangible opportunities for improvement and ranking them according to the greatest impact on your bottom line.

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Key benefits

Actionable opportunities for improvement at your fingertips

Trends report

Compare your manufacturing performance across periods, factories, and production lines in a click.

Shared insights

With shared views and reports, keeping everyone up-to-date is almost too easy.

Prioritized opportunities

Worximity Improve takes the guesswork out of data by uncovering, quantifying, and prioritizing improvement opportunities based on ROI.

Action plans

Worximity transforms your improvement opportunities into achievable action plans that are easy to share across your organization.

Intelligent roadmap

Data you know what to do with.

We collect as much production data as we can and then, go one step further, and tell you how to use it to get more done. We break your data down to its nuts and bolts and show your team exactly what to do, when to do it and why. We call it Worximity Improve and it will increase your OEE by giving you clear, achievable improvements to help you take control of your manufacturing process.

Advanced analytics.

Save time on data crunching, increase KPI visibility and export it all for customized reporting with our powerful analytical tools.

Smart roadmap.

Our intelligent algorithms provide tangible, achievable recommendations that your team will actually understand.

New opportunities.

Our advanced algorithms reveal hidden opportunities in your data and share them as actionable solutions so you can make informed decisions to boost your bottom line.



We keep your data safe and sound.

Our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure was designed to keep your data safe. Built on a secure, private network hosted by Microsoft Azure, it is inaccessible from the outside world. When it comes to privacy and confidentiality, we don’t fool around. We encrypt your data as soon as we collect it and it stays encrypted in Microsoft’s isolated warehouse. Your data is yours and we know how to keep it that way.

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