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Improve your Productivity
with Smart Factory Analytics

Improve Productivity
with Smart Factory Analytics

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Worximity_TileBoard_Monitoring_Software_4 devices Improve Productivity

Data Valorization is the key to becoming a smart factory

Empower your team to make great decisions across your entire factory ecosystem with role-based, real-time actionable data and insights.

Fast, simple and low cost implementation combined with our Smart Factory roadmap means that you get a quick ROI out of the gate while enabling continuous advancement and improvement for years to come.


To Make your Life Easier

Get a quick ROI with painless implementation with Worximity

Get a quick ROI with Painless Implementation

Quickly connect all types of machinery and systems to enable accurate real-time data collection. We have extensive experience across our targeted industries which means that we know how to help you quickly create intuitive and customized dashboards that deliver actionable information to the right person at the right time.

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React faster as situations unfold

React in Real Time as Situations Unfold

Enable visualization of all relevant production data via our intuitive dashboard accessible on your smartphone, laptop or factory floor screens. Using a value chain approach, you’ll empower your people to make fast, informed and data-driven decisions based on reliable data that will ultimately impact your bottom line.

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Advanced AI Analytics

Rely on Advanced AI Analytics with Wx Virtual Data Assistant

Get the most out of your data with our advanced technology using an approach based on production data valorization. Drive ever higher product profitability and tackle the most difficult manufacturing cost drivers with sophisticated AI-driven manufacturing analytics reports.

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What OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING about our smart factory technologies

Smart Processors' Testimonials

“The overall picture of our production obtained through TileBoard allowed us to understand where our main downtimes were and to understand what might be beneficial to us. That is why we want to invest more energy and resources in this technology in order to use the tool to its full potential.”


VP Operations - Première Moisson

“The use of sensors and TileBoard has a real impact on our production speed. These technologies allow us to know what is going on in the factory at any time and from anywhere in the world. With the email alerts, our response time is better and the corrective actions are quickly taken. We can do more in the same period of time.”


Plant Manager - Nature's Touch Inc.

"Because employees are made aware of their impact on production, downtime has been reduced without having to implement additional improvement measures. Employees were diligent in reducing setup times and in reacting more quickly when problems occurred on the line. The more I will use the application over time the more I will be able to identify new opportunities for improvement and reap the benefits from using TileBoard."


Operations VP - LOL TUN