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Empowering manufacturers with data that works.

We’re Worximity and we use data and technology like any other powerful tool: to improve what you already have. We empower manufacturers with data that works. Data that motivates people, not just machines. Data that helps you get more done.

Worximity by the numbers

We empower manufacturers with datas that works. And we've got the data to prove it.

Happy customers
Average efficiency gain
Manufacturing efficiency made easy_
Manufacturing efficiency made easy _
Manufacturing efficiency made easy_
Manufacturing efficiency made easy _

We use data like any other powerful tool.

At Worximity, our mission is to empower manufacturers to get more done by equipping them with data that works and insights to optimize every stage of their operations. So that’s what we do: we deliver smart manufacturing solutions that motivate people, not just machines and, ultimately, drive profitability by helping you get more done.


The data speaks for itself: happy people=tech that works.

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Our leadership team

Yannick Desmarais

CEO and Founder

Jonathan Blanchette

Chief Financial Officer

Marco Rosato

Chief Technology Officer

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Jul 2023

Une nouvelle dose d'intelligence dans les usines pour Worximity

Techno sans angles morts décortique les technologies du moment, rencontre les cerveaux derrière ces innovations et explore les outils numériques offerts aux entreprises du Québec. Cette rubrique permet de comprendre les tendances d’aujourd’hui afin d’être prêt pour celles de demain.

Apr 2023

Worximity est en mode recrutement dans LaPresse+ de ce matin

Apr 2023

La CCMM publie un cahier spécial sur la main d'oeuvre 4.0 dans LaPresse+