Actionable Insights

Insights that spark change.

Worximity doesn’t just collect data, we go one step further and tell you how to use it to get more done. We transform your factory floor information into tangible opportunities, ranked according to their impact on your bottom line.

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Key features

Metrics translated into opportunities.

Capacity you didn’t know you had.

Unused capacity translated into production hours, dollars, units and weight.

Ranked opportunities.

Access a rolling list of your improvement opportunities that are ranked according to their impact on your bottom line.

Action plans.

Build achievable action plans, assign responsibilities and share progress.

Improvements that keep improving.

Our team of Operational Excellence Specialists will help you grow your productivity and profitability again and again.


Worximity works smart and hard.

Worximity works hard so you can work smartly. Worximity's Smart Roadmap and Actionable Insights empower you and your teams to drive continuous improvement, efficiency, and productivity. Our manufacturing solutions make sure your data works for you and our how-to guide tells you how.

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Actionable Insights

production monitoring

Monitor your production. Eliminate your bottlenecks

Effortlessly measure and improve OEE, throughput, downtime, and so much more.

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