Universal Connectivity

Real-time production data.

Worximity Connect will keep you connected to all your machines and software. You’ll have access to all your production data, whenever you need it, from wherever you are. Real-time data. All in one place. How-to guide included.

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Key features

Connect to everything.

Universal devices.

Our proprietary devices allow you to connect any machines and access their data in real time.

Fast implementation.

Connect your production lines and team in a matter of hours.

Data extraction from any system.

With our suite of API’s we can extract data you already collect from any ERPs or existing database.

Cloud storage.

With Worximity Connect's Wi-Fi enabled protocol, all data is securely stored in our cloud infrastructure for your peace of mind.


Worximity puts your data to work.

Worximity’s devices put your data to work by connecting any machine in your factory. Our smart sensors and seamless cloud integration give you unprecedented access to all your manufacturing data.

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Universal Connectivity


Uncover your opportunities for improvement

Manufacturing analytics that clearly identify and prioritize your opportunities for improvement.  

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Maximizing Production Visibility: The Key to Efficient Growth for Station 22