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Maximizing Production Visibility: The Key to Efficient Growth for Station 22
12 Jun

Maximizing Production Visibility: The Key to Efficient Growth for Station 22

Connected Workforce
Food and Beverage
Machine Monitoring
Station 22
Food & Beverages Processing

The Client

For over a century, Station 22 has been an esteemed provider of exceptional wines, spirits, and ready-to-drink cocktails, captivating the hearts of countless customers across North America. With an impressive annual production of 6 million bottles of spirits, 48 million cans, and nearly 24 million bottles of wine, their plant stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence.

The Challenge

To meet the growing demand in the booming ready-to-drink beverage sector, Station 22 modernized its manufacturing plant with the introduction of two canning lines. But additional production lines combined with higher production targets posed increased risks if not properly monitored.

The company knew that the current approach of tracking manufacturing performance, which relied on manual methods such as follow-ups on physical forms, data inputted in Excel, and time sheets, fell short of providing the real-time data crucial for making timely decisions.

"We needed better visibility on our production and recognized that an automated solution would give us accurate, real-time information while minimizing the risks of human errors," explained Lina Barbeau, Production Controller.

“Moving from producing 1.5 million cases a year to almost 4 million cases on 5 production lines demands a higher level of attention and rigor. Worximity gives us the information we need to ensure we’re meeting production objectives and helps us understand where we need to focus our attention when we’re not. Our team's hard work, coupled with insights from the software, allows us to tackle the right issues which has helped us significantly boost efficiency and availability.”

Lina Barbeau
Production Controller
Station 22

The Solution

In pursuit of a comprehensive solution that could empower them to scale effectively, Station 22 chose Worximity as their trusted partner in real-time production monitoring.

For Barbeau, as the Production Controller, the key to her role lay in effectively managing labor and optimizing line efficiency. Worximity's manufacturing software became her trusted ally, enabling her to monitor manufacturing performance closely and identify the underlying reasons when goals were not met.

The software's invaluable insights fuel daily discussions involving the Finance team, the CEO, the Plant Vice President, and the Head Supervisor. Together, they review a detailed report on the previous day's production, analyzing factors such as which products were made on each line, the quantity produced, production speed versus targeted, labor hours required to meet objectives, efficiency levels, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This same information is examined on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

"When need be, we ask ourselves why we fall below our budgeted OEE or efficiency, "Barbeau shared. "By meticulously reviewing downtimes, we gain a deeper understanding of where our focus should lie and what steps we must take to minimize them."

According to Barbeau, the software has become integral to the production team’s toolkit.

"Worximity equips us with a wealth of information to improve production. It’s a tool that provides real-time understanding of production, highlights major issues, and gives valuable information to managers and operators on measures to improve performance. It's incredibly user-friendly and I highly recommend it."

4M cases
64% Decrease in average length of downtime
Increase productivity per year
Increase production without comprimising quality

The Results

Since the implementation of Worximity's real-time production monitoring software, Station 22 has experienced significant improvements in efficiency and availability. The software has proven to be essential in managing and reducing downtimes while providing operators with the information they need to succeed.

"At the start of each shift, supervisors set clear expectations and ensure that operators are aware of their production targets and required speed. They use the software to track their progress, which not only keeps them motivated but also holds them accountable," Barbeau concluded.

All these factors have propelled Station 22 towards its strategic goal of cost-effectively increasing production without compromising on quality. Their markable outcome: an unprecedented opportunity to continue expanding their market share and solidify their position as an industry leader.

Learn more by taking a quick 3-minute tour of our manufacturing software solution.

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