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Gain real-time insights into your manufacturing  throughput, efficiency, quality, and more

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Premiere moison
Alex Coulombe

Don't just take our word for it

Worximity helps labor-reliant companies such as ours to correlate staffing requirements with product runs and production targets. We’ve been able to reduce costs by increasing throughput without adding labor. Now we can plan more accurately by asking: Do we have too many people scheduled, or do we need to bring in more?
Danny Sedra
VP of Operations
Central Bernard
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Worximity provides us with the information we need to identify high-impact projects, set goals and work towards them as a team.
Eric Audiffred
Director of Packaging Operations​
The Better Being Company
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“Moving from producing 1.5 million cases a year to almost 4 million cases on 5 production lines demands a higher level of attention and rigor. Worximity gives us the information we need to ensure we’re meeting production objectives and helps us understand where we need to focus our attention when we’re not. Our team's hard work, coupled with insights from the software, allows us to tackle the right issues which has helped us significantly boost efficiency and availability.”
Lina Barbeau
Production Controller
Station 22
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"The results speak for themselves. Thanks to Worximity, we were able to boost production by 25% with the same number of employees and equipment."
Lilia Abderrahman
Director of Planning
Mondoux Confectionary
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"With Worximity’s support, we’re more efficient and have more capacity to produce, and as a result, we’re able to offer more to our customers."
Veronic Chenier
Director of Continuous Improvement
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"We consider Worximity to be an investment rather than an expense. The software is quick to deploy and easily integrates with our legacy equipment. This all adds up to a quantifiable and continuous return on investment."
Edward Henderson
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"When you don’t see what you actually produce, you think you’re good."
Guy Thierren
Plant Manager
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"Worximity offered me flexible solutions that were adapted to my needs and vision. You have to be creative in the way you collect and combine data to make them meaningful. Worximity solution helps me see my business differently and I can now imagine what I will be able to accomplish in the years to come with even more smarter connectivity solutions."
Junior Martel, Director
Operations and Commercialization
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"The overall production picture obtained through Worximity’s solutions allow us to identify where our main downtimes are and to understand what actions we need to take to improve."
VP of Operations
Première Moisson
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"Worximity allows ADL to see what’s truly happening in terms of production in real-time each day. We can now view downtimes and production speeds, which helps us continuously improve all our production lines."
Tyler Kowalsk
Operational Improvement Coordinator
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How Worximity Transforms Data from Your Shop Floor into Metrics that Drive Productivity
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