30 May

Worximity : the land Down Under Expedition

Using Sydney’s 2018 National Manufacturing Week as an opportunity to meet, Adrian from Worximity flew to Sydney. Meeting James Balzary, CEO of Ailytic, they decided to invest a few days to present the Tileboard platform to several manufacturers and as a show case at the NMW 2018 conference.

Worximity : the land Down Under Expedition

For the past year, Worximity has partnered with an awesome Australian AI and IIoT firm, Ailytic, to enhance manufacturing operations performance and allow real time production monitoring in Australian and New Zealand facilities.

Using Australia's 2018 National Manufacturing Week as a catalyst for closer collaboration, Adrian from Worximity flew to Sydney which kicked off a monumental country-wide tour. Meeting James Balzary, CEO of Ailytic, they decided to invest a few days to present the Tileboard platform to several manufacturers as a show case at the NMW 2018 conference.


Showcasing IIoT technology, Australian style!

Following a brief visit to New Zealand, Adrian landed in Sydney’s Bondi beach area, for a short weekend of steak, sun & surfing before the real work began. Not long enough according to undisclosed sources…



(Fall season, bearing down hard at Bondi Beach…)


Monday 7th May

The trip starts with a visit a wine producer and bottler in the Hunter Valley, a region famous for its rich soils, producing world renowned wines.


Monday 7th

Tuesday 8th May

Tileboard is presented to HunterDouglas near Sydney, a window blind and covering manufacturer.

Sydney’s 2018 National Manufacturing Week: Wednesday to Friday 9 to 11th May


James from Ailytic and Adrian spent 3 days exhibiting Tileboard and Ailytic’s AI based production scheduler to hundreds of manufacturers, looking for original IIoT solutions. The visitor’s manufacturing processes included Food & Bev, Metal, Wood products, textiles and consumer goods. The event was a great success and provided excellent exposure and there was strong interest.

Trade show

During this week, Hunter Douglas became a Tileboard client to improve efficiency in their Sydney manufacturing operations. Excellent work mates!

Melbourne Weekend – 12th & 13th May

After a very busy week, Adrian flew to Melbourne, anticipating next week’s travels through Victoria and South Australia. Melbourne is a modern metropolis now, however, its origins lie at the 1850’s gold rush. Cultural and vibrant, Melbourne houses 2 Aussie Rules stadiums, which is where the AFL Premiership Season R8: Carlton v Essendon game took place, with the Carlton Blues breaking their winning drought!

Aussie Rules

(Adrian, you’re wearing the wrong colors…)

Melbourne harbour at night

Monday 14th May

The road trip begins with a quick visit to Nagambie in country Victoria to meet the crew of OzPak, a Tileboard user for almost a year now. Quick presentation of Tileboard’s new features, followed by a Q&A session by operations team.


Ozpak production area

Tuesday 15th May

Arrival at Warrnambool, and meeting of CI Project Director Robert Leadbetter and his operations crew from Saputo's EDC, Sungold and WCBF plants. As Tileboard users for a few months already, the team was presented numerous Tileboard enhancements and an in-depth Q&A session followed, setting the foundation for the future objectives of the wonderful operations team!


WCBF Sungold

Wednesday May 16th

Metal prospect meeting near Melbourne, presenting Tileboard and the benefits of real time production monitoring for large format steel reinforcing operations. The meeting was brief but very productive since flight to Adelaide was pending. Melbourne traffic can get ruthless…


Thursday May 17th

Visit at a juice and flavored milk producer and bottler in country South Australia, showcasing real time productivity monitoring benefits with Tileboard for high speed bottling and packaging lines.

On the way back through the famous Barossa Valley, other existing clients were met for Tileboard feature updates and Q&A sessions: Accolade Wines and Angove Wines. Accolade has been a client for a year and their operations are enormous, processing more than 180 Million litres of wine every year.


Accoalde Wine stanks
Accolade wines

Friday May 18th

Tileboard was showcased at Flinders University at Tonsley, where Adrian and James met Colin Thomas. Colin, Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation Hub Manager, was presented Tileboard’s full feature set and a Q&A session covered ground into IIoT applications. The University’s engineering lab, headed by Colin, is an excellent example of effective academic involvement into IIoT technologies. Thank you Colin!

Flinders Uni duo

The day wrapped up with a Tileboard presentation at a medical lasers company. The Adelaide facility uses CNC’s to fabricate high value parts, and there is a high interest in IIoT technologies that would allow the team to monitor their equipment. 

Barossa Valley Weekend: 19-20 May

The Barossa Valley is world renowned for its Shiraz and Fortified Tawny’s! World famous wineries such as Penfolds and Seppeltsfield can be visited, as well as smaller and creative one’s such as Rockford Wines and Artisans of the Barossa… Not a moment was wasted!

Monday May 21st

Tileboard was deployed at Hunter Douglas, near Sydney. Adrian was onsite and coordinated with maintenance and operations to deploy Tileboard, as well as provide training. They wrapped up after a Q&A period, covering continuous improvement programs that will rely on Tileboard data for measuring their effectiveness.

James, Adrian, awesome work for this quick deployment! Good on ya' mates!

Wednesday May 23rd

Tileboard presentation to the largest steel manufacturing company in Australia and New Zealand, who are very interested in an IIoT solution that can be easily deployed on several sites throughout the country, monitoring a variety of types of equipment.

What a globe-trotting trip! Adrian finally decided to fly back to Montreal on the 24th May and reconnect with his team. First and certainly not the last trip! Great Work Adrian! The Worximity tribe is proud of you!

Sydney harbour opera
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