Podcast: Which Business & Tech Trends are on the Rise?

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By Deanna Radford - August 30, 2018

The rapid increase of digital technology use within the manufacturing industry could raise questionsIs this an indication the manufacturing industry needs help? In the Art of Manufacturing podcast host Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly puts this question forward to  Jeff Krause, Executive Director of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME.) "Manufacturing needs help,” he says, but it’s not in life support. Manufacturing is constantly changing and so much so that it’s absolutely exciting. When you get to talk with...customers and experts in manufacturing and you see manufacturing in practice on the floor and the changes in use of technology it’s really, really amazing...”


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Listen to the podcast for Krause’s take on business and tech trends on the rise and for information about the WESTEC conference. WESTEC is a conference based in the West Coast of the US and is "for people to learn about new technologies and how they can take back education about the new tech," Krause says. "[It  brings] buyers and sellers together.”  The episode also includes an interview with Kevin Czinger of Divergent 3D.





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Learn more about the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

The Art of
Manufacturing is a weekly "behind-the-scenes look at entrepreneurs who are trying to "make it." The podcast is produced by at large and dangerous in collaboration with MAKE IT IN LA... a community of creators turning passions into products in Los Angeles. The organization offers educational programming, online content, factory tours, and expert advice on manufacturing. Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly is the Founder and Chief Instigator of MAKE IT IN LA.

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