20 May

At Worximity Corporate Culture is the Key to Finding and Retaining the Best Talent

Worximity provides simple real-time technologies to solve food processor pains such as downtime, rejects, waste, overtime; helping them gain profit velocity by improving throughput, yield and OEE.

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At Worximity Corporate Culture is the Key to Finding and Retaining the Best Talent

From retail and service industries to finance, manufacturing, healthcare and beyond, if there’s one thing industries have in common it’s a shortage of workers. As a result, companies of all types and sizes are finding it increasingly challenging to recruit, train, and keep quality employees.

So, what’s the secret to attracting the best workers and just as important, how do you keep them challenged, happy, and loyal? And why is it that some organizations seem to have more than their fair share of young talent?

Montreal, Quebec is home to one of the software industry’s rising companies. This organization is catching the attention of manufacturers with smart solutions that deliver data, real-time visibility, and guidance to make measurable improvement to operational efficiency. Advancing this technology and growing the organization is the responsibility of a diverse, energetic, and talented ensemble of engineers, developers, and professionals collectively known as Worximity Technology Inc.

The Lure of Technology

Most technology providers are on the short list for today’s rising workforce. This generation was raised with smartphones, automation, and the Internet. They understand its applications, its limitless possibilities, and expect to use it in their jobs.

But there is an endless stream of high-tech companies from which to choose. What makes one more appealing than another? Worximity believes that all things equal, corporate culture makes all the difference; and they’re making a concerted effort to set themselves apart.

Qualifications vs Compatibility

Worximity is in a fierce competition to attract today’s tech-savvy professionals. Because the contribution of each employee plays such an important role in the success of any business, it’s extremely important to select the right people. Even seemingly well qualified candidates can be toxic to a company’s delicate dynamics. In such cases, hiring the wrong candidate is worse than hiring no one at all.

Human Resources plays a pivotal role in providing a company with the talent it needs to grow. According to Founder & CEO, Yannick Desmarais, the contribution of this department in identifying, vetting, onboarding, and retaining candidates cannot be overstated. In fact, when the company was in its early stages with only 16 employees, a human resource consultant was among them.

“Building the best technology requires a highly motivated and talented staff driven to make our customers and ultimately our company as successful as possible. Our HR team is among the best at recruiting and engaging some of the most talented candidates. It’s safe to say, we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.”

As the company’s Director of Human Resources, Myriam Laganière knows that when it comes to recruiting, qualifications and compatibility are equally important. Once a candidate checks the “qualified” box, she considers traits that will fit and contribute to the company’s culture. This has come to include a broader range of backgrounds.

“In the past, we hired people who were very similar. But if we’re all thinking the same way, and have the same experience and background, the company doesn’t benefit. More recently, we’ve made a conscious effort to focus on diversity, and hire people of various nationalities, interests, and backgrounds. A diverse workforce not only strengthens the team but injects the company with new ideas and perspectives.”


Retention: The New Hiring

Because quality employees are hard to find, that makes them equally hardto keep. In addition to getting talented individuals in the door, companies rely on HR to strengthen the bond between an employee and the organization.

Wether in the office or from home, employees will typically spend one-third of their day to the job. And this experience has a direct impact on their wellbeing- mentally, socially, physically, and financially.Therefore, one's connection to the work they do, and the compant they do it for, is important on multiple fronts.

“Our biggest strength is our people, and we need to ensure they are treated well, don’t feel stressed, are challenged, and are growing professionally” said Laganière. “We’re not just a tech business we’re a people business, and we need to remember that all the decisions we make impact our people.”

To add to the employee experience, Worximity provides its fair share of perks. In addition to competitive wages the company offers group insurance and virtual healthcare, a wellness budget, and 4 weeks of vacation to start. Schedules are flexible, and employees are given the freedom to manage their time and projects accordingly – whether it be in the office, from a café or a beach in Guadeloupe. What’s more, the company offers regular offsite activities to ensure the staff can have fun with each other. This helps to build resilient working relationships where people feel comfortable sharing their opinions.


Teamwork is Everything

Defined in any number of ways, culture is demonstrated by the value a company places on its team members. Worximity embodies the expression: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. And employee input and teamwork are more than encouraged – it’s expected. Product releases, marketing messaging, and customer success are enhanced through workshops that include participants from the company’s various departments.

As Digital Growth Strategist, Patrick Goulet explains, Worximity’s culture is the sum of many parts.

"From day one, there’s an unusually high level of comfort with colleagues, and I don’t just mean coworkers, I’m talking about the executive team as well. There’s no sense of ego and hierarchy, everyone’s opinions are welcome and matter. To top it all off, you have complete flexibility over your schedule and yet, you want to make it into the office a couple times a week to meet with people you enjoy working with. Worximity really walks the talk when it comes to culture and employee satisfaction. Our regular happy hours don’t hurt either.”

Startup environments, such as Worximity, are unique in that they expose employees to a wealth of experience and opportunities to make a real difference. The company wants employees to feel engaged, valued, and to thrive. And when employees and companies are truly invested in one another, the possibilities are limitless.



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