Product overview

Maximize performance without trial and error.

Worximity turns your data into valuable insights that your team can act on. Our technology will keep you connected to the information your work force needs to unlock production bottlenecks and improve your performance for a noticeable impact on your bottom line. While every factory is different Worximity has an industry proven three steps approach to deliver results: connect, measure, improve.

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Worximity delivers insights that drive results.

Worximity doesn’t just hand you a stack of data, it transforms key metrics from the shop floor into concrete improvement opportunities that will result in the biggest impact on your bottom line. Everyone’s talking about data. But not everyone tells you how it can help. Our tools pinpoint what needs to be improved and how to improve it.

Key Benefits

Helping manufacturers focus their efforts to drive performance.

Connecting you to everything.

When it comes to collecting data, Worximity does it all for you. New or legacy machines, mix-matched software—we don’t discriminate.

Data that speaks your language.

 Worximity takes the endless numbers and charts and translates them into concrete insights, so you can get more done.

Motivate people, not just machines.

Get the most out of your shop-floor operations with real-time performance monitoring against objectives. See how you're doing and take action to stay on track.

A finely tuned roadmap.

We break your production data down to its nuts and bolts. Revealing concrete opportunities and prioritizing them by their impact on your bottom line.

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4M cases
Increase productivity per year
Increase production without comprimising quality

CAse study

Maximizing Production Visibility: The Key to Efficient Growth for Station 22