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From $ 300 USD /machine
  • Real-time monitoring of shop floor operations on any device.

  • Comprehensive monitoring of production efficiency: OEE, throughput , downtime cause and quality.

  • Thorough reporting and alerting capabilities with customizable roles and permissions.


Analytical capacities that go above and beyond to get your data working for you. 

From $ 300 USD /machine
  • Real-time monitoring of your shop floor. Plus a detailed overview of your operations with charts, trends, and reports.

  • Automated email reports, business intelligence APIs, ERPs and BI integration.

  • Quartely business review (QBR) with an expert in operational data.


Prioritized opportunities & automated roadmaps to get your data working for you. 

From $ 300 USD /machine
  • Insight engine to find and prioritize improvement opportunities in your data.

  • Automated roadmaps and action plans to achieve efficiency gains.

  • Thorough monitoring and robust reporting with customizable roles and permissions.

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