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28 Jun

New Worximity Solution Redefines Actionable Insights for Manufacturers

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New Worximity Solution Redefines Actionable Insights for Manufacturers

June 28th 2023, Montreal, Canada - Worximity, a technology company that maximizes manufacturing productivity and profitability, today announced the release of its newest solution. Worximity’s Insights platform is designed to make extracting value from production data easier than ever.

Yannick Desmarais, CEO and founder of Worximity, explains that as the industry continues to grapple with crippling labor shortages and skyrocketing costs, leveraging innovative technology to optimize existing resources is critical.

“The fact is, real-time production monitoring and tracking overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) alone isn’t enough,” says Desmarais. “Manufacturers who can offset unstable production costs with internal efficiencies are the ones who stay ahead of the competition, and we’re in a position to help them quickly uncover and capitalize on those efficiencies.”


About Worximity Insights

Insights completes Worximity’s existing manufacturing software suite by closing the loop between acquiring and measuring production data, then using that information to drive improvement.  It does this by leveraging the power of data intelligence to transform key metrics from the shop floor into concrete improvement opportunities prioritized according to the highest impact on the bottom line. This means supporting businesses with a solution that doesn’t just provide data but connects it to real insight.

“While others in the industry continue to describe actionable insights as Pareto charts, graphs, and reports, we’re putting data into action by giving users clear priorities with corresponding measurable gains,” concluded Desmarais.

According to the Directorof Planning at Mondoux Confectionary, Lilia Abderrahman, Worximity helped the company achieve in three months what typically takes three years.  “The results speak for themselves. Thanks to Worximity, we were able to boost production by 25% with the same number of employees and equipment.”

Insights is used in tandem with Worximity’s data acquisition ecosystem and real-time production monitoring software. Together they provide a comprehensive manufacturing performance solution, arming every level of the organization with the tools needed to work at their best. With Worximity, manufacturers can focus on what's important - running their business productively and profitably.


About Worximity Technology 

Since its founding in 2011, Worximity Technology Inc. has helped improve the performance of more than 3,000 projects in North America thanks to its innovative technologies that enable automated data collection, real-time operations monitoring, automated analytical reports, and preventive and predictive advice. The company also plays a leading role in promoting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.


To learn more check out our launch video.


For more information, contact

Peggy Fonrose 
Director of Marketing, Worximity




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