Analytics, Trends & Reporting

Track, uncover and share performance insights.

Worximity Analytic will help you get to the nuts and bolts of your factory, machine, shift and SKU levels for an unprecedented view of your manufacturing operations.

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Key features

More than monitoring and metrics.

Detailed reporting.

Data that breaks itself apart to help you understand performance trends.

Email digest.

Automated reports share performance with the people who need to know.

Compare performance.

Compare performance from every factory, machine, SKU, shift and time period.

Connect your techstack.

Get rid of data silos by importing data into your BI or by connecting all your software with robust APIs.


Worximity makes analytics interesting.

Worximity Analytic provides real-time monitoring and advanced reporting for insights that work. Our actionable solutions will help you fine-tune your reporting and trend analysis and empower your teams with a unified mission.

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Analytics, Trends & Reporting


Connect any machine or production process

Manufacturing data acquisition solutions for any operation and budget.

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