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Your Trial Includes:


  • Two TileConnects (data collection device)

  • Access to the following main features of our TileBoard software for two months

    • Downtime monitoring

    • Real-time alerts

    • Downtime justification

    • Centralized continuous improvement plan

    • Unlimited number of users

    • Configuration of TileBoard tailored for your operations

    • Training and support from our customer success team

    • Technical assistance


Get real results for your factory!

By signing up for a Worximity trial, you and your team will experience what downtime and throughput real-time monitoring can do. Get reliable and accurate production KPI on your mobile devices, improved reaction times and validate your real ROI.

Unos Pizzeria & Grill

Measuring overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) was a key initiative for Jim Ilaria (CEO) and Erik Frederick (CFO) as they knew that to be competitive, Uno’s had to be a best in class food manufacturer. TileBoard enabled management to capture reasons for machine downtime and efficiency losses and in turn identify the root cause issues impacting OEE.  Within a few months 95% of downtime causes were documented and this enabled management to systematically increase line availability from 70% to over 90%. 

Eight months later, and in front of an audience of 200 food and beverage executives, Jim Ilaria announced the impact of Uno’s OEE initiative - an eye opening 5% of sales increase in EBITDA.

Erik Frederick

Uno's Pizzeria & Grill

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About Worximity

Worximity was founded on the idea that technology works best in real time. In 2011, Yannick created Worximity and launched the first version of TileBoard with the mission to empower people by connecting factories through innovative technologies. Since that time, Worximity has developed a web version of TileBoard and created TileConnect smart sensors. As a leader in the fourth industrial revolution, Worximity believes in making businesses more connected, more efficient, and better performing.