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Our solutions allow your entire business to achieve new heights of manufacturing productivity and profitability.


Set and achieve productiontargets by arming your workforce with complete visibility over production performance in real-time.


Enhance performance by analyzing trends across different factories, production lines, and shifts.


Drastically improve productivity and profitability by capitalizing on proposed insights and opportunities.

Our key features

Worximity Digital Performance Manager

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Real Time Monitoring On Shop Floor (PC, TV, Tablet)

Downtime Monitoring & Justification

Throughput Monitoring

OEE Monitoring

Data Exports

Giveaway Monitoring

Automated Reports

Aggregated OEE Dashboards


API Exports

Yield Monitoring

Standard Power BI Integration



Remote Quarterly Business Review (QBR) With 2 Opportunities

Insights Platform

Technical Support


Asked Questions

Do implementation fees apply after the beginning of the project?
No. Worximity offers a SaaS (software as a service) model that only involves a sensor commissioning license (the first month) and subsequent monthly payments per connected production line or machine.
Do volume discounts apply?
Yes, from 10 production lines or machines, we offer volume discounts. Talk with one of our smart factory experts to determine your volume discount.
What is the duration of a contract?
The contracts have an initial duration of 12 months. Subsequent savings are possible if you opt for a 24-month and 36-month contract. Talk with one of our smart factory experts to determine the discount you could be entitled to by signing a 2 or 3-year contract with us.

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