Wx in Australia: Recap of a Trip to Meet Our Clients Down Under

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By Elizabeth Consolante - May 06, 2019

As February had just turned to March, our dear Julie-Maude, Customer Success Lead, was escaping our harsh winter to head towards the Australian Summer. Despite the dream temperature, a busy schedule awaited her after her arrival in the land down under. The main goal of her stay was to meet our customers for the first time in order to take the pulse of TileBoard's progress in their factories. However, she did not go alone. Once there, she met with our Australian partner, James Balzary from Ailytic, who joined her for a few visits.

For more than two years now, Ailytic has embarked on the Worximity journey by offering our smart sensor technology to their customers. In addition, TileBoard complements their intelligent manufacturing planning software service using artificial intelligence optimization.

From west to east, Julie-Maude visits nine clients on her southern Australian route, stopping in eight cities. On the road, she goes through four vineyards, two bottlers, a sink company, one of metal and one of blinds.


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On the agenda for these meetings

As mentioned, given the distance, the main goal was to forge a human connection with those clients who have been assigned to her since the beginning of their 4.0 shift. On site, Julie-Maude was able to better understand the Australian work environment as well as factory operations. She also took the opportunity to give a few trainings and finalize some activations that had not been officially completed. Finally, after learning about the realities faced by these manufacturers and getting feedback on the application and some future needs, there were discussions about the next steps for each of the clients.


The Verdict

Ultimately, it was a very conclusive stay regarding the state of our customers and their progress with TileBoard. Some new pilot projects have been initiated and significant work has been done to support the integration of APIs. These allow, among other things, to promote the integration and synergy between our technology and other systems used, such as ERPs or that offered by Ailytic.


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The 4.0 Approach

By visiting our clients in Australia, Julie-Maude takes was able to assess their position with respect to Industry 4.0. Despite the kilometres that separate us, she quickly realizes that the issues faced by manufacturers are extremely similar to those faced in our homeland. Despite the slight delay compared to the United States, remains that the latter realize nevertheless the importance and the potential of the collection and the analysis of data for their factories.

The key to a successful 4.0 turn is at the heart of the affected teams. It is essential to involve all those affected from the beginning of the implementation and to bring this technological advancement as an aid favouring the task of all and not to leave room for interpretation without which, it will be perceived as a monitoring tool.


On that note, I am leaving you on some pictures of Julie-Maude's adventure!


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