Artificial Intelligence: A New Reality for the Food Industry

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By Elizabeth Consolante - December 21, 2018

Although Artificial Intelligence being the buzzword that is now part of nearly every entrepreneur or executive's vocabulary, the food and beverage industry seems to be slightly lagging with regards to the adoption of this technology. However, a rising amount of manufacturers are beginning to discern the advantages obtained through the implementation of such technology.


Evidently, AI provides benefits such as greater efficiencies and speed but one of the characteristics that makes it stand-out is its ever-learning capacity. Its improvement is rapid and limitless as it continuously evolves the more it is used and perfects the insights derived from algorithms and gathered data. Another aspect that significantly sets AI apart is its predictive ability. With real-time data, it is able to depict a considerably more accurate picture of what is needed in terms of inputs and production settings for optimal efficiency. Forecasting for future consumer and production needs can be done in a more factual and precise manner rather than relying on mere presumptions .


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In the article we stumbled upon from Manufacturing&Logistics IT, Stephanie Duvault-Alexandre, consultant at software provider FuturMaster, further elaborates on this new reality that manufacturers are facing and how it impacts the industry. Click here to read more.

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