Ebook Lean Manufacturing Industry 4.0

Learn how your shop floor improvements can impact your profits.

Track and measure

Connect any machine and instantly transform shop floor data into metrics that matter

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Our tools connect all your machines and software for a complete view of your data across all production lines and equipments.

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Our real-time data monitoring enables front-line workers to make informed decisions by measuring the performance of machines and production lines.

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Transform data into actionable insights and improve your bottom line by focusing on high-impact improvement opportunities. 

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Helping manufacturers focus their effort to drive performance.

Your shop floor data has a story to tell. We can tell you what it is.

Worximity doesn’t just hand you a stack of data, it transforms key metrics from the shop floor into concrete improvement opportunities that will result in the biggest impact on your bottom line. Let us show you how!

Our Clients

“The results speak for themselves. Thanks to Worximity, we were able to boost production by 25% with the same number of employees and equipment.”

Lilia Abderrahman
Director of Planning at Mondoux Confectionary

“We were able to grow the company by almost 30%. So if we hadn't been better organized, if we hadn't made changes identified by the tool, it would have been very difficult to take on the growth.”

Veronic Chenier
Director of Continuous Improvement at Prolifik

“Worximity was put in place, the Kaizen was done, and 30 days later the solution was paid for.”

Edward Henderson