Thinking of implementing a SaaS IIoT Solution? What is Your Adoption Strategy?

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By Emilie A Lachance - October 23, 2019

Having an industry leading Customer Success Team and Process is Vital to Worximity and to Our Customers.

According to Chaos Report by Standish Group, after studying 50,000 software deployments around the world, 29% of new software implementations were considered  successful, 52% were challenges and 19% failed completelyEven more worrisome, according to McKinsey & Company “17% of large IT projects go so badly they can threaten the very existence of the company.”

Additionally, according to Tomasz Tunguz, a leading expert on SaaS business success, customer churn is the number one factor that determines the success or failure of a SaaS business. In fact SaaS businesses with negative churn increase value substantially. Negative churn is when your revenue from existing customers (either through additional internal adoption or from referrals) increases faster than your customer attrition.

You can see why we’re passionate about having an industry leading customer success team and process!

Negative churn is the goal of the Worximity Customer Success Team. Here's how we are driving toward that goal.

How can you avoid your SaaS implementation project becoming a statistic? In our article Critical Success Factors to a Successful Smart Factory Analytics SaaS Implementation, we note that Harvard Business Review suggests that employee technology adoption rates can be improved by among other things, putting into place a solid training program. 

From Capgemini Consulting’s Leading Digital study, in successful software implementations:

“The help people cross the bridge - get them comfortable with the technology, get them using it, and help them to understand how it makes their lives better.”

Worximity has learned that this is exactly how we can help you achieve success with your IIoT SaaS implementation.

From the moment that you engage with Worximity, your customer journey is designed to:

  • help us understand your business goals
  • help you shape what your ideal implementation path is
  • identify key metrics for a successful implementation
  • identify what your training needs are likely to be to meet your goals

In alignment with Capgemini, we’re continuously improving our ability to get your team comfortable with the technology, get them using it and getting to value - by demonstrating how it will improve their performance.

Our sales consultants follow a process that ensures that we’re a good fit for your business, that you have the knowledge that you need to be successful and that the customer success team has what they need to onboard your business with your success in mind.

This is just the start however...

When you partner with Worximity, if sensors are needed to connect your Tileboard implementation to production machinery, our on-site technical team is available to ensure that the installation goes quickly and smoothly. While our technical team is on site, they’ll help you to learn how to setup your initial dashboards. The goal of this phase is to make progress with getting your team comfortable with the technology and to get them using it.

We’ve learned that getting people into, and using the tool right away is a key success indicator.

Shortly after installation, we advise moving into formal training as soon as possible. We’ll identify with you early on the right people in your organization, possibly someone at the C-level, the plant manager, possibly also supervisors or your project champion. One of these will generally be assigned to be the Master Administrator. We’ll focus on training this group in a ‘train the trainer’ model. This group will then train others who will utilize the tool.

During training, we’ll setup additional dashboards to meet the needs of your team. We’ve learned that to get to fast ROI, setting up dashboards according to role helps people to quickly understand how it makes their lives better. 

Review the articles below to see what a few dashboards designed for specific roles look like:

Empowering the C-Level Executives in Food Manufacturing with Real Time Business Intelligence

Smart Factory Analytics Dashboard for Food Manufacturing Operators and Operations Managers

Real Time Analytics Dashboard for the Continuous Improvement Practitioner

We’ll take your team from your initial dashboards into more advanced functionality and ensure that your team has the support needed to become fully comfortable with the tool. From the initial training, inside of 30 days we’ll do a follow up training to make sure that the tool is being well adopted. We’ve learned that early momentum is a key success indicator. 

We’ll teach your manager or champion ways to see if the tool is being used (adopted). Additionally, we monitor usage characteristics of all of our customers. Our Customer Success Team uses a ‘Health Score’ that is a compilation of key software engagement KPIs that tell us if your business is on track to successful adoption or if you require more support from our team. Customers that have a low Health Score get pro-active outreach and support from our Customer Success Team.

The goal of the Worximity Customer Success Team is to work hand-in-hand with your team to assure your successful adoption of our software. 

For more on how to achieve a successful IIoT software implementation:

How to Achieve Synergy Between Your IIoT Implementation and Your People to Deliver Real Business Results

Critical Success Factors to a Successful Smart Factory Analytics SaaS Implementation

Strategic Roadmap for IIoT Success

Critical Success Factors to a Successful Smart Factory Analytics SaaS Implementation

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The Worximity Smart Food Factory solution is a low-cost hardware system that can be up and running in a few hours combined with an easy and intuitive yet powerful analytics dashboard that provides fast ROI to start and a roadmap to full-on IIoT success.

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