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Optimizing Company-wide Operations: Data Analytics in the Manufacturing Industry With Worximity

Explore how Worximity is reshaping manufacturing by harnessing real-time data analytics, bringing efficiency and innovation to Industry 4.0 while empowering departments beyond production management.

Optimiser les opérations à l'échelle de l'entreprise : L'analyse des données dans l'industrie manufacturière avec Worximity

Why Data Analytics in Manufacturing is Vital to Compete

In 2024 manufacturers have a wide range of potential technologies to implement into their operations, but what technology should be prioritized? According to Daniel Kupper of Boston Consulting Group, Data Analytics in Manufacturing is one of the core drivers of Industry 4.0, allowing manufacturers to increase innovation, competitiveness and sustainability with little drag on company resources.

With Worximity’s manufacturing data analytics dashboard, terabytes of manufacturing data can be analyzed to support optimizing manufacturing production processes in real-time. Not only can manufacturing data analytics be used within production management to improve manufacturing stats like OEE, but businesses leveraging an advanced manufacturing data analytics platform can free critical manufacturing data from being siloed within production operations. Departments like sales and finance can utilize newly available manufacturing data analytics to improve their operations and processes creating a data-driven culture more broadly throughout an organization.

Growth in Data Analytics in the Manufacturing Industry

According to a recent report, the global manufacturing data analytics market is expected to reach a market valuation of nearly $35.57 billion by 2029. This is a testament to manufacturers realizing that investments in manufacturing data analytics will be essential to compete in the near future.

Projected growth of manufacturing data analytics technologies
Courtesy of Maximize Market Research

If you aren’t implementing, or looking to implement a manufacturing data analytics solution soon, you’re likely being left behind.

For effective business decision-making, real-time production tracking software provides a variety of reports and dashboards that can be customized to meet the needs of individual users whether it’s evaluating labor productivity, production capacity, or even idle time.

Leveraging Data Analytics in Manufacturing Production Management

Within production management, a manufacturing data analytics dashboard like Worximity gives you the ability to manage and optimize:

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

OEE is a metric employed to gauge the effectiveness and performance of an individual machine, line, or plant and is calculated from these factors: Availability, Performance, and Quality. You can learn how to calculate OEE here.


Enhance shop floor efficiency by implementing customizable downtime alerts. These alerts offer shop floor managers the ability to tailor notifications for different scenarios. You can learn about some quick downtime wins you can gain here.

Worximity downtime email alert


Giveaway is a key issue for manufacturers who produce fixed-weight items. By monitoring overproduction (or giveaway) in real-time, manufacturers can reduce overproduction events by looking over analytics and recommendations from their software.

Worximity statistical process control dashboard for monitoring overproduction/giveaway

Predictive / Preventative Maintenance

Utilizes historical data to provide insights into machine health, enabling proactive preventative maintenance measures. To learn different preventative maintenance monitoring algorithms, go here.

Leveraging Manufacturing Analytics Across Your Organization

Efficiency within the production process is becoming critical for manufacturing business success, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, but unleashing manufacturing data analytics from the manufacturing silo can impact the larger business in important ways:

Finance - Real-Time Production Cost Analysis

Offers instant analysis of production cost inputs, including factors like raw materials, labor, and overhead. Empowering finance decision-makers to have granular visibility into real unit production costs can ensure business cost-effectiveness and improved overall profitability.

Purchasing - Production Rates & Delays

More manufacturing companies are moving to JIT (just in time) inventory management. Having access to real time production rates can help purchasing to structure supplier relationships in ways that maximize production while minimizing inventory investments.

Sales - Forecasting

Sales can have real-time visibility into actual and potential production capacity, useful for structuring win-win sales relationships.


Connecting what upper management sees to what production workers experience has always been a challenge. Worximity allows shop floor workers to see and to understand metrics relating to larger company or plant goals.

Data Silos: Unlocking Your Manufacturing Data Analytics

Manufacturers and most businesses today have a siloed structure of information. Many departments don’t know how others are performing. This gap leads to slow or error-prone decision-making and little visibility across departments. Connecting analytics and providing employees across the company with data they normally wouldn’t have the capability of accessing can drastically increase knowledge and insights throughout the company and improve overall performance and results.

Worximity is not just a tool for the shop floor; it's a game-changer for many departments to help connect production realities to market conditions such as COGS, customer demand, supplier inputs, labor negotiations, and more.

Reinvent Your Shop Floor

Real-time manufacturing data analytics, powered by Worximity, offers manufacturers a transformative solution. With features like OEE monitoring, Downtime Alerts, and Instant Analytics, it optimizes shop floor efficiency. Moreover, Worximity extends its impact to departments beyond production.

In the era of Industry 4.0, where big data analytics, IoT, and AI drive transformation, Worximity proves instrumental in identifying crucial manufacturing KPIs and presenting data in compelling visual formats. This facilitates swift decision-making and enhances productivity, providing manufacturers with an effective tool to navigate complexities and foster growth.

Worximity instantly transfers data from the factory floor into a suite of specialized software, bringing the power of predictive data analytics into the hands of all to improve processes and optimize resources. With Worximity, manufacturers can ensure that no employees are left in the dark, offering easy-to-use software and a range of reports that amplify all users' comprehension of production data. Learn more about how we help our clients achieve success.

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