The Future of Food & Beverage Packaging for CIOs

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By Elizabeth Consolante - November 09, 2018

To remain innovative in today's environment, needless to say that it is essential for companies to always be on the lookout for the next up and coming trends and technologies. When looking at the Food & Beverage industry, shopper insights and data play an essential role in determining what is needed to improve our current offering to better answer the ever-changing needs of consumers. We have recently stumbled upon an article published in CIO Review on the challenges that tech leaders are facing in this particular industry. Five tips were proposed to better face this reality and they are the following:

  • Be the digital transformation leader your marketing and packaging colleagues need you to be;
  • Establish a current view of all the systems and software that support your packaging value chain;
  • Eliminate sources of error whenever possible by mapping out your sources of truth;
  • Digitize everything;
  • Invest in digital skills and technologies;

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Intrigued by the implications of these recommendations? Click here to obtain the complete article.

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