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By Peggy Fonrose - August 20, 2019

When Worximity decided to expand into markets outside North America, our approach included building personal relationship with international business partners. Ensuring our partners match Worximity’s core business values is critical, and this strategy has resulted in many successful ventures.

One such example of a partner implementation is Jidvei Wines in Romania. Worximity adds value to Jidvei Wines operations by allowing all operational teams to forecast production start and end time and improve operational availability of the bottling lines. 

The deployment was lead by one of our partners: Ailytic and Worximity’s veteran Sales Engineer, Adrian Evi, who also happens to be Romanian. This implementation is ideally suited for Adrian’s skillset since he grew up in Romania, is a wine enthusiast, and has seven (7) years of experience in manufacturing best-practices. His expertise was key to delivering an efficient implementation experience for the client. 

By adopting Ailytic’s Al Scheduler product and Worximity’s TileBoard for its main bottling lines, Jidvei Wines transformed itself into a smart factory. Using Worximity’s TileConnect Smart Sensor, Jidvei Wines now acquires data in real-time. More importantly, the data is presented as actionable KPI’s and analytics that are easily and securely communicated and interpreted at all business levels.  Jidvei Wines now makes important decisions faster, which streamlines and increases productivity. 

This implementation is a great success for both Worximity and Ailytic. It demonstrates our positions as Industry 4.0 leaders and our consistent ability to add value to clients all over the world!

For more information about how Worximity can streamline your bottling lines, click here.

The Worximity Smart Food Factory solution is a low-cost hardware system that can be up and running in a few hours combined with an easy and intuitive yet powerful analytics dashboard that provides fast ROI to start and a roadmap to full-on IIoT success.

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