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By Emilie A Lachance - March 09, 2020

A few of the major tools for managing a factory are data, information, and analysis. Without gathering data and translating it into actionable information, managers are left to operate in the dark. Collecting the right amount and type of data and converting this into useful information is a critical function of any manufacturing operation.

In the past, the only viable method of data collection was to manually gather what was needed. Automatic data collection was either too costly or required excessive manual intervention. Today, too many companies are still using old methods and procedures for developing operating reports. For example, they collect data manually and give it to data analysts, who calculate and distribute required reports. Unfortunately, this often results in misdirection, incorrect decisions, and lower-than-desired productivity.

Today's manufacturers are increasingly relying on OEE data collection software to bring together the information needed to calculate KPIs, including the all-important OEE. Worximity Technology Inc. is the leading provider of data collection software. Worximity's TileConnect data collection sensors work with either new or existing equipment and begin gathering operating data as soon as they are attached to the machines. Installation is quick and easy, and production line data begins streaming instantly to the cloud and, ultimately, to Worximity's analytics software. 

Benefits of a Software Data Collection System

Manual data collection has long been the backbone of manufacturing performance reporting programs. Employees assigned to take readings from production equipment or counts from inspection stations gathered whatever information was necessary for management to develop a picture of operational effectiveness. However, there are many disadvantages of a manual approach, including:  

  • Compromised data accuracy 
  • Insufficient volume of data for useful results
  • Lengthy data processing time, which reduces usefulness
  • Lack of engagement among employees not involved in distribution

Additionally, manual data collection can lead to late or inaccurate results. Decision-making based on those results can cause additional problems or a decline in overall performance.

Fortunately, new systems of OEE data collection software are now available that correct these problems and provide manufacturers with real-time analysis of OEE and other KPIs. 

Worximity's Smart Factory analytics systems offer manufacturers insight into line and equipment performance on a real-time basis. Sensors mounted on equipment provide high volumes of accurate performance data, and software analytics calculate needed metrics that are instantly displayed on TileBoards. Using Worximity's Industry 4.0 solutions, managers can view OEE values, downtime causes, quality, and other measures from any place in the factory.

How Worximity's Industry 4.0 Solution Components Work Together

Worximity's Smart Factory analytics system incorporates the following components to provide manufacturers with the correct data at the correct time:

  • TileConnect sensors: Data collection sensors are mounted on equipment to take continuous readings of machine feeds, speeds, and other vital operational data.
  • Smart Factory analytics: Data is sent wirelessly and in real time from equipment sensors to the cloud. Then, the required data is fed to analytics software that calculates line production and operating performance as needed.
  • TileBoards: TileBoards display the performance results throughout the factory. Operating decisions can be made in real time as the results are posted to the computer screens. System flexibility allows performance reporting to be displayed on cell phones, tablets, or other devices at the user's discretion.

Worximity users report both ease of use and excellent operating results. For example, according to Dave Lamothe, operations VP of Première Moisson, a leading Canadian manufacturer of bakery products, "The overall picture of our production obtained through Worximity Smart Factory analytics allowed us to understand where our main downtimes were and to understand what might be beneficial to us. That is why we want to invest more energy and resources in this technology in order to use the tool to its full potential."

OEE Data Collection Software as a Basis for Continuous Improvement

The power of Smart Factory analytics goes beyond the hour-by-hour management of processes and equipment. For example, Worximity's downtime monitoring function delivers relevant downtime data, including both the amount of downtime and reasons for the downtime. With this data, actions to improve uptime can be developed. Once action items are implemented, the effects of the improvements can be documented via Worximity's performance reporting.

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Also, significant additional benefits can be realized using Worximity's Industry 4.0 “Plan-Do-Check-Act” continuous improvement technologies. Problem-solving work teams can be established to include line employees and others with specialized knowledge. Then, by analyzing process line operating results, improvement action items can be developed and implemented. The effect of these changes can be seen in the OEE and other KPI results generated by our Smart Factory analytics system. 

Companies today utilizing manual or semi-automated production line data collection face increasing competitive pressures to keep costs down, maintain margins, deliver quality, and retain market share. Worximity's Smart Factory Analytics and Industry 4.0 continuous improvement technology provide a way for companies to do more than hold their own in a competitive world. Using our approach gives companies the edge in improved processing time, reduced costs, and increased profits. To see for yourself what Worximity's systems can accomplish in your plant, call today for a demo. Working with Worximity allows your company to harness the power of real-time OEE data collection software and analysis.

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