New IIOT talent has joined the Worximity tribe; Welcome Louis-Philippe Molle!

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By Elizabeth Consolante - October 31, 2018

A few months ago, Worximity strengthened its tribe by welcoming new talent Louis-Philippe Molle as a Customer Success Advisor. Before joining the team, he completed his Masters in Project Management and has gained valuable experience through his position at companies including Bombardier, the BDC and PepsiCo.


We sat down for a casual chat with Louis-Philippe and asked him a few questions in order to know more about him:


Why did you leave the corporate world to join Worximity?

I always had a great interest in the tech industry . With my background in supply chain and operations management, the tremendous expansion of this domain, especially in factory manufacturing, really appealed to me. Moreover, I wanted to experience the dynamics and concreteness of a start-up. Wx puts a lot of emphasis on latitude and collaborative work, which is something I looked for that differed from my corporate experience. The work environment here is like no other; you immediately feel the strong team spirit and a sense of belonging. Your efforts are truly valued and rewarded.


How were your first months here?

My days were definitely filled as the roles of my team were being redefined. It came with various new challenges but it was absolutely exciting. Although the environment is very fast-paced, it remains easy to learn rapidly. The support and guidance that I have been getting since my arrival is incredible. I particularly enjoyed the variety of team building activities we were, and are still, invited to take part in.


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Talk to us more about your position, what does it entail?

As a Customer Success Advisor, my role is to ensure loyalty and quality relationships with our clients. In essence, I provide support and assistance to our clients by being their go-to person once the implementation of our TileBoard software begins in their factory. My goal is, in part, to work in collaboration with our clients to assure that they are continuously efficient and successful. I also contribute to the strategic development of Worximity within factories as well as assisting on various other projects.  

With all your bagage, what do you think you will bring to the team?

I aspire to transpose the notions I've learned in project management to projects relating to the shift of factories to the Industry 4.0. I aim to do so by putting together more structured programs that will be designed to further support and help our clients better handle different challenges or issues they may encounter following this major change. Aside from my knowledge, being very dynamic and full of energy, I only wish to add on to the team's wonderful spirit.


Aside from work, tell us more about one of your recent personal accomplishments.

For those who don't know me, I'm an avid cyclist! I can easily bike 60 kilometres after a day of work to relax. Over the course of this past summer, I surpassed my personal goal by biking more than 3000 kilometres. I took on the challenge and successfully cycled from Montreal to Quebec City with a friend of mine. It wasn't easy but it was an absolutely amazing experience. The scenery was incredible. I would definitely like to do something similar again and potentially go even further! 




Now that you've joined the tribe, what do you wish to accomplish?

I would like to put into place a standardized procedure for client management with follow-ups in the form of action plans that will ensure that all clients are properly taken care of and that nothing slips through the cracks. It will be a priority of mine to maintain stable and trustworthy relationships with my clients and I want to further develop means that will allow me to do so. I am also working jointly with our Human Resources department on a new initiative will be greatly beneficial for our client base.


Any final thoughts you'd like to leave with us?

Having gone from a big corporation with conservative ideas to a start-up with more of an innovative approach and a greater open-mindedness was the best decision I could've made at the beginning of my career to expand my experience!



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