Monitoring and IIoT—It's All About People

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By Deanna Radford - July 20, 2018

Monitoring and IIoT

How can networking your food and beverage manufacturing factory in order to monitor production and bring about disruptive change be beneficial? In this in-studio debate, host Alastair Greener from the UK's Business Reporter asks OAL's Jake Norman and Harry Norman these tough questions and more about the UK food manufacturing industry.

Harry Norman says, "as with anything, it comes down to the people. In any business it's critical. Once you bring about changes, especially disruptive change, you've got to bring the team on board with you. It's all about the people." When your team is aligned with your overall goal of monitoring production, the most meaningful results will come.

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This interview took place at Telegraph Studios and featured Jake Norman, Sales & Marketing Manager and Harry Norman, Managing Director, both of OAL. Business Reporter is the UK's leading publisher of special interest reports. 


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