Measuring OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

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By Emilie A Lachance - September 03, 2018

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a powerful tool used in Lean Manufacturing for determining sources of loss in a factory. However, the calculation of OEE KPIs is really very easy. By using a series of equations, a plant can take collected data and plug it into any metric desired. The difficult parts are collecting quality data, and making good decisions from the analysis.

The best possible OEE score is 100%. This is not physically possible due to laws of thermodynamics, but it serves as the symbol for what a perfectly lossless manufacturing operation would look like.

It is from there that percentages of loss are measured by various metrics, and calculated into a total.

Here’s how it’s done:

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The Formulas of OEE    

The simplest way to calculate OEE goes as follows:

OEE = (Good Count x Ideal Cycle Time)/ Planned Production Time


Good Count = Total Count – First Pass Rejects


Planned Production Time = Shift Length – Breaks

This method is a perfectly accurate calculation of OEE, but it does not track the individual losses of the Big Six Losses. This is there is the preferred formula for OEE.

The preferred formula is:

OEE = Availability Loss x Performance Loss x Quality Loss

Where each loss type receives a score out of 100% and which together make up the OEE.

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The Formulas of Loss Factors


Availability Loss = Run Time/ Planned Production Time


Run Time  = Planned Production Time – Stop Time


Production Loss  = (Ideal Cycle Time x Total Count)/ Run Time

This metric can also be calculated as

Production Loss  = (Total Count / Run Time)/ Ideal Run Rate


Run Time = Planned Production Time – Down Time


Quality Loss = Good Count/ Total Count

With these equations, it is easy to get at in-depth look at the various types of loss occurring a plant. Using OEE in conjunction with other techniques such as Total Process Management (TPM) can provide important actionable insights to improving manufacturing, and developing best practices.

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