McKinsey - An executive’s guide to AI

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By Emilie A Lachance - April 04, 2018

McKinsey publised an online executive's guide to AI to cover the highlights of artificial intelligence.

The article starts with a brief definition of AI:

"AI is typically defined as the ability of a machine to perform cognitive functions we associate with human minds, such as perceiving, reasoning, learning, interacting with the environment, problem solving, and even exercising creativity. "

The guide continues with Why AI now?, a interactive timeline which presents the first technologies and innovations that led to AI.

The guide goes on with machine learning and the various type and some business use cases:

Supervised learning



Unsupervised learning



Reinforcement learning


The guide ends on the subject of Deep Learning, defining it as:

"Deep learning is a type of machine learning that can process a wider range of data resources, requires less data preprocessing by humans, and can often produce more accurate results than traditional machine-learning approaches (although it requires a larger amount of data to do so.)"

They present 2 majors models of deep learning and some business use cases:

Convolutional neural network

 Convolutional neural network


Recurrent neural network.



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