How a smart baker continues to grow in industry 4.0

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By Mathieu Pepin - August 25, 2017

A current client of the Worximity tribe makes its factory even smarter for performance optimization.

As a result of past installations of our smart factory technologies in this bakery manufacturer's plant, managers have made the decision to connect more production lines. The equipment is monitored in real time and the collected data can be directly accessed on the TileBoard dashboard at any time and anywhere for a global and precise picture of current operations.

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Worximity transforms the food and beverage manufacturing industry with our real-time monitoring technologies that are simple, affordable, easy to deploy and have proven themselves. 

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Worximity provides simple realtime technologies to solve food processor pains such as downtime, rejects, waste, overtime; helping them gain profit velocity by improving throughput, yield and OEE.

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