Alibaba Cloud Revolutionizes the Meat Industry with AI-driven System

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By Elizabeth Consolante - January 17, 2019

It won't come as a surprise to many that China is the biggest producer and consumer of pork in the world. Pork has been deeply engraved in the Chinese culture, most importantly cuisine, for thousands of years, making it the key ingredient to various signature dishes. As their consumption is still subject to significant growth despite the plant-based food trends, Chinese consumers are requesting higher quality and safer meats.

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To address this emerging need, Chinese giant Alibaba Cloud launched its own ET Agricultural Brain in June of 2018. The system, driven by artificial intelligence, uses the most advanced technology to assist hog farmers and other agricultural entreprises in China in better raising livestock and producing crops.

"By applying AI technologies, such as visual recognition, voice recognition and real-time environmental parameter monitoring, ET Agricultural Brain monitors each hog’s daily activity, growth indicator, pregnancy and other health conditions, bringing more insight throughout the pig-farming industry chain,” mentions Alibaba Cloud.

With the use of algorithm-based models, the system can define an exercise program for the hogs that is necessary to mitigate the adverse effects of pork as well as improve the health and performance of the piglets. Smart Sensors can also alert farmers if the body temperature of these requires medical attention.


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Although this system has been introduced to the meat manufacturing industry, Simon Hu, the president of Alibaba Cloud stressed the fact that this innovative technology is applicable to other industries as well.

ET Agricultural Brain can be adopted across many other sectors, including forestry, fisheries, helping enterprises and individual farmers increase efficiency and improve quality of production and provide a green and healthier option for consumers.


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