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Start your 2-month trial
Run a risk free diagnosis

Start your 2-month trial
to receive real-time data from two of your machines.


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Real-time data for

Real-time results


Insights on Your Production's KPIs

You will have gained true insights on your production lines’ performances with real time display of critical KPIs around the factory at all times


Improved Reaction Time 

You will have decreased your reaction time to slowdowns in your production rates and downtime occurrences.

Experience the Smart Factory

You will have empowered and motivated your teams by providing them with set objectives and real-time data displaying the actual production status.

Validate your ROI

You will have obtained a return on investment on which to base your decision for a larger Smart Factory project.

"During the trial, we had a conference call every week to answer potential questions. The answers we've obtained were always precise."
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Your trial includes

  • 2 TileConnects (data-collection modules);
  • Shipping of the TileConnects
  • Access to the following main features of our TileBoard software
    • Downtime monitoring;
    • Production output monitoring;
    • Real-time alerts;
    • Shift performance comparison;
    • Downtime justification;
    • Centralized continuous improvement plan



  • Unlimited number of users
  • Configuration of TileBoard tailored for your operations;
  • Training and support from our Customer success team
  • Technical assistance.



Implementation in 4 easy steps

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An experience worth sharing


"We needed to collect these downtimes automatically by installing the sensors at key areas. But also, to qualify them in a simple and fast manner. 

One morning was enough for the installation of two sensors and tablets, for setting up and for training.

Over the course of the trial, we had a conference call every week to answer potential questions. We always had precise answers. At the end of the diagnostic, the team decided to install the solution on all production lines and work to integrate the available informations in the ERP to TileBoard. 
With the Worximity solution, we hope to gain an OEE of 5%."

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Revenues of 41 million euros.

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How much will the 2-month trial cost?

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